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Halva Safarani حلوا زعفرانی

Halva Safarani حلوا زعفرانی

The Persian Halva Safarani حلوا زعفرانی is very different from the Halva you know from Turkish or Arabic stores. This recipe is an old and classic version made from wheat flour and oil or butter. Saffron is responsible for a beautiful color and at the same time revitalizes the soul. Sugar adds sweetness, rose water a light floral aroma and warming cardamom a light tangy citrus note. It is an uncomplicated yet spectacular dessert that is also very popular eaten with Nan-e Barbari for breakfast. Halva means “sweet” and dates back to 7th century Persia. If you prepare it with oil like I did in this recipe, you even have a delicious vegan dessert. Let it melt in your mouth!

Shirini Keshmeshi - Persian Raisin Cookies

Shirini Keshmeshi – Persian Raisin Cookies for Norouz

Shirini Keshmeshi are crinkled raisin cookies and taste buttery, are chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside and absolutely my favorite for persian Norouz. For me Shirini Keshmeshi must have crinckles on top and golden edges. Therefore I made them with butter, flour, powdered sugar (creates their cracked appearance), a little bit oil, an egg, vanilla extract and they are loaded with raisins for a fine texture, sweetness and an irresistible chewing experience.