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Oriental Christmas Stollen

Oriental Christmas Stollen

With a smile on my lips and a heart packed with creativity, I created an Oriental Christmas stollen. Instead of the usual ingredients, I use dates, figs, apricots and delicious pistachios, which we have in large quantities in Persia. My Oriental Christmas Stollen reflects the flavors of Oriental cuisine while capturing the spirit of the festive season. The fruits and nuts inside the Oriental Christmas stollen shine like jewels, giving the stollen a characteristic taste. The exquisite oriental spices delight all the senses and take you back to 1001 nights.

Shirini Latifeh - Snowbites with Rose Cream

Shirini Latifeh – Snowbites with Rose Cream

Are you craving for a heavenly dessert? Look no further than Shirini Latifeh – Snowbites with Rose Cream, a delightful Persian pastry that originates from the enchanting city of Tabriz. The name “Shirini Latifeh” translates to “delicate softness,” and this pastry truly lives up to its name, offering a blissful experience with every bite. Picture this: two light and airy sponge biscuits embracing a luscious, creamy filling infused with the delicate flavors of vanilla and rose. Topped with a sprinkle of chopped pistachios, each bite of Shirini Latifeh is a symphony of flavors and textures. watch my preparation video on Instagram 

Mahi Zaferani - Sea Bream Fillet in Saffron ماهی زعفرانی

Mahi Zaferani – Sea Bream Fillet in Saffron ماهی زعفرانی

Are you craving fish? If so, try my Mahi Zaferani – Seabream Fillet in Saffron. On the Persian coast, fresh fish from the sea is grilled and served pure, with just a few herbs and bitter oranges to add flavor. I’ve taken it up a notch by preparing my tasty seabream fillets in a mouth-watering Saffron Sauce, as I’m a big saffron lover. The aromatic saffron sauce is made from saffron, lemon juice, and garlic, enhancing the fish’s flavor without overpowering it. This recipe is simple, delicious, and quick to prepare in a pan. Doesn’t it look delightful? I guarantee it tastes just as good as it looks! Watch my how to prepare Video on Instagram 

Cake Sib - Persian Apple Cake with Pistachios کیک سیب

Cake Sib – Persian Apple Cake with Pistachios کیک سیب

I hope you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the beginning of the New Year. Today, I have for you a simple apple cake based to my grandmother’s old recipe – Cake Sib – Persian apple cake with pistachios کیک سیب. At this time of year, cakes with apples taste extra delicious. Since I used cinnamon and other winter spices, it is also perfect for the Christmas and winter season. But we also love to eat it all year round. Bake the cake, and your home will be filled with the scent of 1001 nights.

Shabe Yalda - Yalda Night

Shabe Yalda – Yalda Night

We celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year, known as Shabe Yalda – Yalda Night, in Iran. After this night, the days become longer again, the nights shorter, and light triumphs over darkness. Yalda signifies the birth of light and the sun. Friends and family gather on this night at the home of the oldest family members to celebrate the Festival of Joy until dawn. Here are my recipes for Shab-e Yalda; enjoy preparing and celebrating!

Shirini Pofaki Gerdoee - Gluten-Free Walnut Cookies - شیرینی پفکی گردویی

Shirini Pofaki Gerdoee – Gluten-Free Walnut Cookies – شیرینی پفکی گردویی

Shirini Pofaki Gerdoee – gluten-free walnut cookies – شیرینی پفکی گردویی is also known as Pich Anghoshti and is a specialty from the city of Tabriz. These gluten- and lactose-free cookies are popular due to their simple and quick preparation. The dough is also butter- and oil-free. Shape them into small hoops and garnish with a half walnut. The gluten-free walnut cookies are crispy and hollow, with some walnut pieces. The aromas melt together, creating a fragrant bouquet that reminds you of oriental gardens. The roasted walnuts, cardamom, and vanilla give these cookies an irresistible character.

Dolmeh Kadu Halvai – Stuffed Pumpkin دلمه کدو حلوایی

Dolmeh Kadu Halvai – Stuffed Pumpkin دلمه کدو حلوایی

Pumpkin always tastes good in autumn and winter, especially when it’s filled and comes out of the oven. Why not give this stuffed nut pumpkin in a Persian version a try. Today, I prepared Dolmeh Kadu Halvai – stuffed pumpkin دلمه کدو حلوایی with flavorful oriental ingredients. The nutmeg pumpkin is filled with savory ground lamb, aromatic rice, crunchy yellow split peas, golden saffron, fresh herbs, and oriental spices. The stuffed pumpkin is topped with sweet and sour pomegranate syrup for a tangy touch. Bake it in the oven until the nutmeg pumpkin is soft and tender, allowing the flavors in the filling to blend. This savory recipe is perfect for Shabe Yalda or your Christmas dinner. Comfort Food at its Best!

Anar Polo ba Morgh – Pomegranate Rice with Chicken انار پلو با مرغ

Anar Polo ba Morgh – Pomegranate Rice with Chicken انار پلو با مرغ

Rice is a staple food in Persian cuisine that we prepare artfully. We have a long tradition of preparing rice, as seen in our various rice dishes. The preparation of rice sometimes has a festive character, so we prepare different rice dishes for specific celebrations. My dish today is one of them, which I prepared for the longest night of the year – Shab-e Yalda (شب یلدا). Anar Polo ba Morgh – Rice with chicken fillet and pomegranate انار پلو با مرغ is also called Nar Polo and is a delicious Persian dish that is prepared either with chicken or meat. Watch Preparation Video on Instagram

Gluten-Free Baklava Triangles

Gluten-Free Baklava Triangles

My friendly soul welcomes you today with a smile and a special treat I’ve prepared for the upcoming Christmas celebration – Gluten-Free Baklava Triangles. The geometric splendor of Oriental architecture inspired me, so what do you think about my Middle Eastern response to the typically German Nut Corners? Did you know that I have an obsession with nuts? In particular, for almonds and pistachios? It’s no wonder that Baklava is one of my favorite desserts. During festivities in the Middle East, be it our Nowruz celebration, religious ceremonies, weddings, or Ramadan, Baklava is prepared as a symbol of abundance and communal joy.