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Kuku Kadoo Sabz - Persian Zucchini Frittata

Kuku Kadoo Sabz – Persian Zucchini Frittata

Do you have too much zucchini in your garden and are looking for zucchini recipes? In that case, I have the perfect recipe for you today. My all-time favorite Mezze, as we say Mazeh is Kuku Kadoo Sabz- Persian Zucchini Frittata. I prepared Kuku Kadoo Sabz – Persian Zucchini Frittata for the blog event Mezze shared by Zora and me after the Adasi – Persian lentil spread. Oriental spices and fresh herbs are the “secret” ingredients, and the Kuku is quick to prepare and super healthy. In Iran, we bake Kuku with a lot of fat in a pan. I created a low-calorie and shape-friendly option and baked the kuku in a casserole dish in the oven. Kuku is low carb, vegetarian, and rich in protein. Watch Video on Instagram

Dolmeh Godje Faranghi - Persian Stuffed Tomatoes دلمه گوجه فرنگی

Dolmeh Godje Faranghi – Persian Stuffed Tomatoes دلمه گوجه فرنگی

Have you ever stuffed tomatoes? It’s about time. My Dolmeh Godje Faranghi – Persian style stuffed tomatoes دلمه گوجه فرنگی are light, healthy and vegan. I harvest the tomatoes for this recipe from my garden. There are still some hanging on the bush, but I believe that’s the end of the tomato harvest for this year. Cut the tops off the tomatoes and scoop them out. Fill them with rice and herbs such as cilantro, parsley, mint, and season with turmeric. Place the cap on top and put it in the baking dish, cover with a lemony tomato sauce and bake in the oven. Now you only have to wait. Baking in the oven makes the tomatoes very aromatic, sweet, and with the lemony sauce, a taste explosion in your mouth.

Pastrami-Sandwich New York Style

Pastrami-Sandwich New York Style

Get ready for the recipe for the juiciest, the biggest, and the most mouthwatering Pastrami-Sandwich New York Style you can prepare at home! A Pastrami Sandwich is an NYC classic and becoming more popular in Germany. It’s no wonder, as a lot of pastrami is stacked on delicious rye bread and spread with mustard cream cheese. The pastrami sandwich is topped with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese and baked in the oven or an air fryer*. It’s a pretty juicy and tender sandwich, so one or two salt-dill pickled cucumbers are enough to go with it. You can serve it with coleslaw or potato chips and enjoy it.

Nan-e Barbari – Persian Flatbread

Nan-e Barbari – Persian Flatbread

Nan-e Barbari is a Persian flatbread, usually 70 – 80 cm long, and tastes best fresh from the oven. It is most baked and sold in Iran. The bread is very similar to the Turkish flatbread, but not quite so thick and round but thin and oval. If you plan a trip to Iran, you should visit a Noonvai – a persian bakery. The bread is baked in the morning, at noon and in the evening ,fresh and in front of your eyes. Each bakery is specialized in one type of bread and bakes it in a stone oven. In Iran, we have four different types of breads baked in stone ovens, for example Nan-e Sangak is from rye flour and is baked on pebbles, Nan-e Lavash is wafer-thin patties made from wheat flour without yeast, and Nan-e Taftoon is from whole wheat flour.

Valak Polo ba Mahi – Wild Garlic Rice with Marinated Salmon

Valak Polo ba Mahi – Wild Garlic Rice with Marinated Salmon

Finally, it’s wild garlic time, and you can only find it on the market a few weeks of the year, so I prepared several Persian recipes with wild garlic. I made Valak Polo today, a traditional Persian Rice Dish with Wild Garlic, Sumac, and Saffron. We serve Chicken or meatballs with this dish in Iran. I prefer to fish with Valak Polo, so I made it with salmon in a lemony marinade. The marinade is to die for and consists of rose petals, ground dried lime, bay leaves, sumac, cinnamon, grated zest of a lemon, lemon juice, and lemon pepper tossed in olive oil. Salmon tastes best when you marinate it for about 2 hours. If you like wild garlic, you might also like my creamy One Pot Past with green asparagus and wild garlic, as I also show you the place near my home where wild garlic grows. Watch Video on Instagram (Wild Garlic Rice Preparation) Watch Video on Instagram (Marinated Salmon Preparation)

Puff Pastry Carrots with Turkish Carrot & Garlic Yoghurt Filling

Puff Pastry Carrots with Turkish Carrot & Garlic Yoghurt Filling

With a ready-made puff pastry from the fridge, these golden crispy puff pastry carrots are quick and easy to prepare. You only need Cream Horn molds to shape them into perfect puff pastry carrots*. A spicy, creamy, and crunchy filling of a Turkish carrot-yogurt salad (Yoğurtlu Havuç salatası) gives the delicious finger food that special something. A stalk of dill provides great taste and replaces the carrot greens. A true eye-catcher on your buffet or Easter brunch and also truly tasty. Not only the vegetarians at the table will be delighted by the Puff Pastry Carrots with Turkish Carrot Garlic Yogurt Filling. A real feast for the palate!

Ghorabieh – Persian Almond Macaroons قرابیه

Ghorabieh – Persian Almond Macarons قرابیه

Nowrooz is coming, so let’s start thinking about Shirinipazi (baking cookies)! After all, we also have the ritual of baking cookies for Nowrooz as you do for Christmas. It’s about 6 Days from now to Monday, March 20 at 10:25 pm in Germany. I have some cookie recipes on my Blog for you for the holidays. For today, I have the recipe for gluten-free Ghorabieh – Persian Almond macaron قرابیه, a traditional treat from the city of Tabriz in northwestern Iran. Ghorabieh is a popular souvenir from Tabriz and is one of the most expensive cookies baked in Persia.

Shirini-e Ghifi - Persian Cream Horns شیرینی قیفی خامه ای

Shirini-e Ghifi – Persian Cream Horns شیرینی قیفی خامه ای

Shirini-e Ghifi – Persian Cream Horns شیرینی قیفی خامه ای are a fluffy treat and a simple pastry made from puff pastry. With this recipe, a touch of nostalgia for Nowrooz blows into your kitchen. The crispy baked Cream Horns are filled with creamy rosewater-vanilla-cream and melt in your mouth. The best part is that although they look sweet, they aren’t. They are slightly sweet and yet just irresistible. Serve them along with other sweets on holidays like Nowrooz and at weddings. They are easy and quick to make, and an eye-catcher on your festive table. If you’ve never tasted Cream Horns, you should do it! View Video on Instagram

Kuku Sabzi - Persian Herb Frittata کوکو سبزی

Kuku Sabzi – Persian Herb Frittata کوکو سبزی

Just eight more days to Norooz! I would love to know, what do you prepare for the Persian new years feast? For me and the most iranian people Kuku Sabzi – Persian Herb Frittata کوکو سبزی is an aromatic herbal omelet and is a Must-Eat at Norooz. Persian Kuku announces spring for the many green herbs included in as parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, spring onions, dried fenugreek leaves, ground walnuts, and barberries. The herbs symbolize rebirth and the eggs fertility. The red barberries give the Kuku Sabzi a slight sour taste. Imagine fragrant herbs wafting through your kitchen as you spend a quiet afternoon concocting the Persian herb frittata. Give this Persian vegetarian dish a try! View Video on Instagram

Shirini-e Zaban - Persian Puff Pastry شیرینی زبان

Shirini-e Zaban – Persian Puff Pastry شیرینی زبان

Are you getting prepared for the Persian New Year Nowruz? Part of this is spring cleaning, making sabzeh, and baking cookies. Shirini-e Zaban – Persian Puff Pastry شیرینی زبان, is besides of Cake Yazdi and Nan-e Nokhodchi, a popular and nostalgic sweet to treat guests on celebrations. In Farsi, Shirini means sweet, and Zaban tongue, as they have the shape of a tongue. Shirini Zaban is a traditional sweet from the city of Qazvin in Iran. It’s a simple recipe, all you need is ready-made butter puff pastry, butter, honey, rose water, and cardamom. The golden Shirini-e Zaban is quick to prepare, flaky and crispy and not too sweet. Once they come out of the oven, brush them with the honey-rosewater-glaze, and sprinkle them with ground pistachios, grated coconut, or sesame seeds, depending on your taste. With Nowruz just around the corner, check out my blog for plenty of Nowrooz recipes and ideas. View Video on Instagram