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Borani Kadoo - Zucchini Yogurt Dip بورانی کدو

Borani Kadoo – Zucchini Yogurt Dip بورانی کدو

*Ad in Cooperation with Aldi-Süd* As the summer temperatures call for a cooling down, my recipe Borani Kadoo – Zucchini Yoghurt Dip بورانی کدو hits the spot. Best of all, the simple and healthy dip already has veggies in it. Make it with “Nur Nur Natur organic yogurt”, and pack the savory dip with courgette, carrots, and fresh herbs like dill and parsley. In addition to salt and pepper, garlic adds a spicy touch. You can prepare this refreshing dip with organic yogurt with minimal effort and get maximum attention at a barbecue party. Since grilled food harmonizes perfectly with spicy yogurt, cut a courgette lengthwise into three pieces and barbecue it. You’ll love this contrast between hot and cold on your tongue. This recipe is a big hit at barbecues!

Kuku Kadoo Sabz - Persian Zucchini Frittata

Kuku Kadoo Sabz – Persian Zucchini Frittata

Do you have too much zucchini in your garden and are looking for zucchini recipes? In that case, I have the perfect recipe for you today. My all-time favorite Mezze, as we say Mazeh is Kuku Kadoo Sabz- Persian Zucchini Frittata. I prepared Kuku Kadoo Sabz – Persian Zucchini Frittata for the blog event Mezze shared by Zora and me after the Adasi – Persian lentil spread. Oriental spices and fresh herbs are the “secret” ingredients, and the Kuku is quick to prepare and super healthy. In Iran, we bake Kuku with a lot of fat in a pan. I created a low-calorie and shape-friendly option and baked the kuku in a casserole dish in the oven. Kuku is low carb, vegetarian, and rich in protein. Watch Video on Instagram

Piccalilli – English Mustard Pickle

Piccalilli – English Mustard Pickle

Let’s start pickling today! I came across this incredibly delicious Piccalilli – English Mustard Pickle as I visited London. So I want to share the recipe with you, as the pickling is simple to prepare and super healthy. I made the British version, which originates from India. You need fresh vegetables like cauliflower, diced zucchini, red bell pepper, carrot, and onion to prepare it. Their delicious taste comes from a broth of apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, mustard seeds, mustard powder, turmeric, coriander, sugar, salt, and cornstarch. Piccalilli has a mild spiciness, a nice crunchy texture, an intense yellow color, and is bound creamy. Simply delicious!

Tomato Salad with Pomegranate-Sumac Dressing

Tomato Salad with Pomegranate-Sumac Dressing

Summer is salad time, so the kitchen stays cold, and a tomato salad with pomegranate sumac dressing is a welcome refreshment. Large, small, black, and colorful sun-ripened tomatoes, soft mild onions, and an oriental Dressing of pomegranate molasses, grated tomato, best olive oil, and tart sumac finish the taste. Tomato salad with a sweet fruity pomegranate dressing is not only refreshing, but it is also prepared in a snap and is even vegan. All these ingredients transform a simple tomato salad into a unique dish. Watch How to prep Video on Instagram

Borani Esfenadj - Persian Spinach Yogurt Dip

Borani Esfenadj – Persian Spinach Yogurt Dip

Do you want to spice up your yogurt and set the scene? If so, I have the perfect recipe for you. You only need a few ingredients: sautéed baby spinach, Greek yogurt, sautéed caramelized onions, and spice it up with turmeric and cinnamon for a mouthwatering flavor. Borani Esfenadj – Persian Spinach Yogurt Dip is quickly prepared, delicious, and healthy. Spinach adds a lovely green color to your yogurt, and turmeric turns it all yellow. I love to use Greek yogurt as it is creamy and has many health benefits. The key to this recipe is the fried caramelized onions since they add sweetness and a special kick to this yogurt. Watch my Video on Instagram

Kisir - Turkish Bulgur Salad

Kisir – Turkish Bulgur Salad

Kisir – Turkish Bulgur Salad is one of my favorite salads from Turkish cuisine. Bulgur salad is delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare. It’s a savory vegan salad with a nutty flavor due to the bulgur. Cucumbers, tomatoes, and green onions add a fresh touch. The dressing of pomegranate molasses, parsley, mint, lemon, and olive oil adds a lovely juicy touch. Paprika paste, pul biber, salt and pepper add spice. My favorite way to eat Kisir is in lettuce. Take a tablespoon of Kisir and place it in the middle of a lettuce leave and roll it up to form a wrap. It is an explosion of flavor on your palate. Try it out for sure!