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Mi Peru - Peruvian Food in Darmstadt

Mi Peru – Peruvian Food in Darmstadt

The mere mention of Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, and delightful tapas like Patatas Bravas, Aioli, and Albóndigas makes my mouth water. Especially on these grey, overcast days in Darmstadt, I often yearn for the cozy atmosphere of Spanish bodegas and tapas bars. While I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Peru yet, but the Peruvian cuisine has already found a special place in my heart. I am delighted to have discovered my favorite restaurant, Mi Peru, which transports me with each visit to the warm and inviting realms of authentic Peruvian cuisine and Spanish tapas. Mi Peru – Peruvian Food in Darmstadt is a place where every meal becomes a romantic journey through the flavors of South America. Here, my longing for Peru and Spain is equally satisfied. Experience the enchanting cuisine of Peru at Mi Peru, where every bite tells a story and every ingredient represents a journey through the vibrant culture of South America!

Shabe Yalda - Yalda Night

Shabe Yalda – Yalda Night

We celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year, known as Shabe Yalda – Yalda Night, in Iran. After this night, the days become longer again, the nights shorter, and light triumphs over darkness. Yalda signifies the birth of light and the sun. Friends and family gather on this night at the home of the oldest family members to celebrate the Festival of Joy until dawn. Here are my recipes for Shab-e Yalda; enjoy preparing and celebrating!

Haft Sin Impressions 2023 هفت سین ۱۴۰۲

Haft Sin Impressions 2023 هفت سین ۱۴۰۲

This year Nowrooz is overshadowed by the violence against the people of Iran. We do not feel like celebrating this year, so I have designed my Haft Sin in the sign of peace. I have directed my peace sign on porose facing upwards, as the tree growing upwards stands for life and its new beginning, hoping for a new Beginning in Iran. The tree pointing downwards, as we know it from the Peace sign, means death or the end. I placed six wooden bowls with Samanoo, Sumach, Sekeh, Senjed, Sir, and Sib around my Sabzeh. I have explained the meaning of the symbols in this post. Flowers and candles in the trend color “Viva Magenta” are placed in vases and on glass and wooden chandeliers. I hope you like my Haft Sin Impressions 2023 هفت سین ۱۴۰۲. Watch Video on Instagram 

Chaharshanbeh Suri - The Persian Festival of Fire

Chaharshanbeh Suri – The Persian Festival of Fire

On the last Tuesday evening before the Persian New Year, we celebrate Chaharshanbeh Suri – The Persian Festival. Several rituals are performed on this fire festival to purify the body and mind. Chaharshanbeh means Wednesday, and Suri means light and also fire. In my childhood, this caused some confusion. Why is it called Wednesday and celebrated on Tuesday? It’s the last night to Wednesday before Norooz, the Persian New Year, a festival celebrated at the spring equinox. The Origin of this festival dates back to the Zoroastrian era based on the Tsarathustra’s beliefs. On this day, we celebrate the victory of light over darkness. After all, we are approaching the equinox in a few days. The Fire Festival is an announcement of spring and the revival of nature. Watch Video on Instagram 

Norooz Sprouts

Norooz Sprouts

Sabzeh is a symbol of spring, a part of the Haft Sin for Norooz and symbolizes vivacity, liveliness and the beginning of new life, bursting from the seeds. Today I’ll show you how to start growing your own Sabzeh for Norooz, or Easter Grass for Easter, from lentils or wheat. We grow Sabzeh from different seeds some grow it from lentils, others from barley or mung beans. I like to grow Sabzeh from wheat seeds as to my eyes the green of wheat grass looks beautiful. Watch daily the seeds turn into beautiful green grass. You can grow Sabzeh Norooz Sprouts with or without soil. I’ll show you the version without soil. You will need some time in advance and should start 10 – 14 days before Norooz or Easter. Watch Video on Instagram