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Salam, and welcome to my food & lifestyle blog. I am Susan, the woman behind the posts and photographs, and I am writing with my oriental soul about food, travel, and lifestyle. People ask me what Labsal means. Labsal is a German word, and here you will find some synonyms for Labsal: savor, pleasure, strengthening, benefit, relaxation, refreshment, and comfort. So Labsalliebe reflects my love for savor and enjoyment in my life.

I am a curly-headed child of two cultures, a multiracial German-Persian Girl. My mother is German, and my father is Persian (Neem-Rooni). The Orient is my home, and I would like to take you to the Persian, Oriental colorful cuisine, and Levant cuisine with my blog. I was born in Tehran and grew up there until I was 14. I now live for over 40 years in Germany and work as a naturopath in my practice for 18 years. I am a mother of three wonderful children who inspired me to live a conscious life. Sustainability, mindfulness, and respect for people and our earth are important to me. In our kitchen, we cook, laugh, dance, and celebrate.

I love to cook fresh, healthy, organic, seasonal, and local food. I buy most of the time organic stuff at organic markets.


Sharbat-e Rivas - persische Rhababer Limonade Labsalliebe



♥ On my Blog, you find mainly recipes from Persian cuisine. Sometimes you also find recipes from Levantine cuisine from the Middle East, the Orient, and Morocco. For us Persians, every food has a property that either heats up or cools down the body and mind. When cooking, according to the principles of Unani medicine, we are careful to maintain the balance between hot and cold to stay physically and mentally healthy. In most recipes, I also write about whether they have a cooling or warming effect on our bodies.

Mallorca - Markt in Arta


♥ Goethe already said, “The best education a clever person finds while traveling.” MALLORCA and IBIZA are our favorite islands, which we have been traveling to again and again for 25 years. Here you will find tips about individual, city, and culinary travel, hiking, and vacations by the sea or in the mountai

Crêpes mit karamellisierte Quitten - Labsalliebe


♥ I cook fresh, healthy, organic, seasonal, and regional food and buy mainly organic at Hofgut Oberfeld in Darmstadt or small farmers’ markets.

mawmawi Love The Serum Company


♥ Natural beauty care is a matter that lies close to my heart, so here you will find my tips for homemade natural cosmetics or my favorite products.

Rheinhessen Geniessen - Kulinarische Highlights


♥ As a food blogger, I am invited to blog events from time to time. I’ve already been to a few, for example, BAKE DAY FRANKFURTCHEFKOCH FOODCAMPPlum Patisserie with Matthias Ludwigs from Törtchen TörtchenBLOGGER@WORK CAMP in Bonn, here I cooked together with Dominik Wenzel and Ingo Kantorek at the ELO booth at AMBIENTE in Frankfurt. I had a wonderful evening at the PRE-OPENING KOCHHAUS in Cologne Südstadt. I also participated in various blogger events, check out the blog events kategory.


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