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Borani Kadoo - Zucchini Yogurt Dip بورانی کدو

Borani Kadoo – Zucchini Yogurt Dip بورانی کدو

*Ad in Cooperation with Aldi-Süd* As the summer temperatures call for a cooling down, my recipe Borani Kadoo – Zucchini Yoghurt Dip بورانی کدو hits the spot. Best of all, the simple and healthy dip already has veggies in it. Make it with “Nur Nur Natur organic yogurt”, and pack the savory dip with courgette, carrots, and fresh herbs like dill and parsley. In addition to salt and pepper, garlic adds a spicy touch. You can prepare this refreshing dip with organic yogurt with minimal effort and get maximum attention at a barbecue party. Since grilled food harmonizes perfectly with spicy yogurt, cut a courgette lengthwise into three pieces and barbecue it. You’ll love this contrast between hot and cold on your tongue. This recipe is a big hit at barbecues!

Borani Esfenadj - Persian Spinach Yogurt Dip

Borani Esfenadj – Persian Spinach Yogurt Dip

Do you want to spice up your yogurt and set the scene? If so, I have the perfect recipe for you. You only need a few ingredients: sautéed baby spinach, Greek yogurt, sautéed caramelized onions, and spice it up with turmeric and cinnamon for a mouthwatering flavor. Borani Esfenadj – Persian Spinach Yogurt Dip is quickly prepared, delicious, and healthy. Spinach adds a lovely green color to your yogurt, and turmeric turns it all yellow. I love to use Greek yogurt as it is creamy and has many health benefits. The key to this recipe is the fried caramelized onions since they add sweetness and a special kick to this yogurt. Watch my Video on Instagram

Nan-e Keshta – Skillet Pumpkin Flatbread

Nan-e Keshta – Skillet Pumpkin Flatbread

Happy World Bread Day 2023! Zorra from Blog Kochtopf has invited to bake bread as usual. I celebrate this great day here and here with many other bloggers and prepared Nan-e Keshta – Skillet Pumpkin Flatbread. The skillet pumpkin flatbread doesn’t require any yeast or baking powder, which makes it just rise a little bit. This bread is a traditional street food from Gilan, in the north of Iran, by the Caspian Sea. The bread is called Nan-e Keshta (نان کِشتا) in Gilani and is also known as Nan-e Khorfe (نان خُرفه) or -Kholfe (خُلفه). In addition, I have a stuffed version of pumpkin flatbread for you today. The filling is with ground walnuts, powdered sugar, and cinnamon. So you get two dishes from one dough. This way, both team sweeties and team savory can enjoy the meal.

Yatimcheh – Vegan Eggplant Stew یتیمچه

Yatimcheh – Vegan Eggplant Stew یتیمچه

Yatimcheh – Vegan Eggplant Stew یتیمچه is a vegan Persian recipe that you can prepare in no time. It is a popular and wide-spread traditional recipe from across the country in Iran. In addition, it is an inexpensive and tasty dish with simple ingredients, as we use everything from the fields and meadows. It tastes great in late summer with sweet, fresh tomatoes. Yatimcheh is a one-pot dish, and the ingredients are layered up in a pan or pot. The main ingredients are eggplants, tomatoes, multicoloured peppers, potatoes, onions and garlic. Turmeric provides for slightly sweet, spicy and tangy notes. The ingredients are similar to French ratatouille, but the taste is quite different. Well, do you like my healthy and shape-friendly dish now? Head to the kitchen and get started right away.

Mash polo – Rice with Mung Beans and Meatballs ماش پلو

Mash polo – Rice with Mung Beans and Meatballs ماش پلو

Mash polo rice with mung beans and meatballs ماش پلو is a typical dish from the city of Isfahan. It is also known as Kate Mash or Dampokhte Mash. You need for mashpolo mung beans, rice, saffron and dried dill. Soak the mung beans overnight or for at least 4 hours in water, which makes them cook faster. Mash Polo is a delicious vegetarian and vegan dish by itself. I served meatballs as a side dish along with it, feel free to serve chicken, fish or even fried eggs instead. Give it a try with a topping of caramelized onions, raisins, cinnamon and walnuts. A tahdig of lava bread completes the delicious dish. If you like Adas Polo you will also like Mash Polo.


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Kabab-e Sabzidjat - vegan kebabs کباب سبزیجات

Kabab-e Sabzidjat – vegan kebabs کباب سبزیجات

Fortunately, the temperatures have dropped a bit and you can fire up the grill again. Is there anything better than a BBQ with family or friends? Meanwhile many people eat vegetarian or vegan, therefore you should also prepare something with vegetables. If you are looking for the perfect recipe for delicious, colorful veggie skewers for your next BBQ party, then I’ ve got a perfect recipe for you – Kabab-e Sabzidjat – Vegan Kebab کباب سبزیجات. We love these vegan skewers as they’re not only tasty and colorful, but are also healthy. More yet, the preparation is as easy as pie. Give a try with hummus or harissa hummus, it matches perfectly.

Kabab Looleh- Grilled minced meat skewers - کباب لوله

Kabab Looleh- Grilled minced meat skewers – کباب لوله

The most popular leisure activity of all Persians is to barbecue kababs. No wonder, as this is a lot of fun in the summer heat. Therefore, grilling time is also kabab time for us! So heat up the charcoal grill, for inspiration I have a delicious Kabab recipe for you today, it is nice and juicy, savory and spicy. Typical oriental spices such as cumin and cinnamon give my Kabab Looleh- minced meat skewers from the grill – کباب لوله a unique flavor. I used half lamb and half ground beef for the grilled skewers and seasoned them with some chopped fresh parsley. The ground beef is simply wrapped around the grill skewers and then grilled over the charcoal for a few minutes. For a special event or for even more flavor, you can also wrap the ground beef skewers around cinnamon sticks and then grill them. From the charcoal grill, however, the minced meat skewers taste best. You can grill them also in a grill pan, but then the roasted flavors and the smoky …