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Gourmet trip to Brittany with Frische Paradies - Monkfish Cheeks in Saffron Sauce

Gourmet trip to Brittany with Frische Paradies – Monkfish Cheeks in Saffron Sauce

*Ad in cooperation with Frische Paradies*. In late September, I was on a gourmet trip to Brittany with Frische Paradies and Gourmet Connection. Allow me to take you today to the end of the world, for here earth ends and the endless sea begins. I will show you how diverse and fantastic Finstére in Bretagne is. Brittany in Breton “Breizh” is a perfect destination for nature lovers, foodies, connoisseurs and gourmets. The Bretons are people of coastal fishermen, and fishing nearby the coast is highly rated among them. Here you can find diverse landscapes, the best and most delicious seafood specialties. Fish and seafood from Bretagne are not to beat in taste, due to the strong streams they are constantly in motion, and this makes their meat much more aromatic. Shellfish such as oysters, scallops, mussels, lobster, and ocean-fresh fish taste incredibly fresh and are of the highest quality. Treat yourself to a glass of sparkling cider, join me on our gourmet journey, and learn how the fish from the sea ends up on our …

Road Trip along the German apple wine route "Route du Äppler"

Road Trip along the German apple wine route “Route du Äppler”

*Culinary Press Trip “Route du Äppler” in cooperation with Gourmet Connection and Hessentourismus* Let me take you on my Culinary Press Trip “Road Trip along German apple wine route “Route du Äppler” as plenty has happened in the Hessian apple wine scene. I would like to give you an idea of a fruity and fresh taste experience by sharing some facts about the “Äppler”, the German apple wine. The apple wine route passes over 250 km through the state of Hessen, starting in the south at the “Kelterei Krämer” and ending in the north at the “Brennerei Döhne” where about 12 local producers produce the delicious apple wine also called Stöffche. Join me on the part of the “Route du Äppler” around the region of Odenwald and Taunus outside of Frankfurt. The journey leads along beautiful meadow orchards and picturesque Hessian timber-framed houses. From Frankfurt to the Odenwald to Beerfurth, Reichelsheim, Michelstadt and ends in Oberursel in Taunus. The weather is on our side, too, and we are enjoying truly summer-like temperatures this spring. “The …

Chicken Wrap Persian Style

Chicken Wraps persian style

I love wraps ♥ You can fill them with leftovers and pretty much anything. The preparation of my Chicken Wraps persian style is really easy. This recipe is a Persian way to fill your wrap. It is filled with chicken breasts, pomegranate molasses and syrup, young rucola leaves, baby spinach, red leaf beet and spiced with Sumac, a sour lemon-like taste, which has a kind of fruity-tangy aroma. Serve with a mint yoghurt sauce and homemade lavash Bread. In Persia we usually fill our wrap with sheep cheese, Walnuts and fresh herbs as peppermint, basil, parsley, cilantro and spring onions, which we call Sabzi Khordan. I hope you already feel like you are in orient with this spicy recipe. Have fun making this dish.

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Nice to meet you! Salam, and welcome to my food & lifestyle blog. I am Susan, the woman behind the posts and photographs, and I am writing with my oriental soul about food, travel, and lifestyle. People ask me what Labsal means. Labsal is a German word, and here you will find some synonyms for Labsal: savor, pleasure, strengthening, benefit, relaxation, refreshment, and comfort. So Labsalliebe reflects my love for savor and enjoyment in my life. I am a curly-headed child of two cultures, a multiracial German-Persian Girl. My mother is German, and my father is Persian (Neem-Rooni). The Orient is my home, and I would like to take you to the Persian, Oriental colorful cuisine, and Levant cuisine with my blog. I was born in Tehran and grew up there until I was 14. I now live for over 40 years in Germany and work as a naturopath in my practice for 18 years. I am a mother of three wonderful children who inspired me to live a conscious life. Sustainability, mindfulness, and respect …