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Oriental Chickpea-Couscous Salad

Oriental Chickpea-Couscous Salad and Book Review “Ein Bauch voll Glück”

*ad / cookbook review* Do you lack the time for a healthy diet and snack your way through the day? Do You invest time in more important things than in your own body and your health? But a healthy diet with balanced, fiber-rich, and fresh food is an investment in your health. Perhaps when you think of a healthy meal, you think of boring dishes lacking flavor. Yet there are so many delicious and healthy recipes that reduce stress, and make you happy. Like in the Good Mood Kitchen by Annelina Waller, where things go happily. So today, I have a vegan and gluten-free recipe for an oriental chickpea-couscous salad and a book review, “Ein Bauch voll Glück.”