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Sfenj - Moroccan Doughnuts

Sfenj – Moroccan Doughnuts

Have you ever been to Morocco? Then you probably know the local street food Sfenj, pronounced Sfinsch. It is a popular street food in the souks of Morocco and the many Sfenj bakeries. You have probably also seen Moroccans with a Sfenj handbag 😉 For they are tied together with a “ribbon” of palm fronds or a string and sold as a way to carry them. Sfenj is prepared fresh in the morning and served while still warm for breakfast. And it’s enjoyed with Moroccan mint tea or a strong coffee in the afternoon. The best way to eat them is plain, but some also like to roll them in sugar, and others soak them in honey or syrup. I’ve made the recipe for Sfenj Moroccan donuts a few times, and the one I liked best was this version from Atlas Kitchen, which I’m sharing with you today. Be sure to give it a try! Watch Video on Instagram