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Mi Peru - Peruvian Food in Darmstadt

Mi Peru – Peruvian Food in Darmstadt

The mere mention of Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, and delightful tapas like Patatas Bravas, Aioli, and Albóndigas makes my mouth water. Especially on these grey, overcast days in Darmstadt, I often yearn for the cozy atmosphere of Spanish bodegas and tapas bars. While I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Peru yet, but the Peruvian cuisine has already found a special place in my heart. I am delighted to have discovered my favorite restaurant, Mi Peru, which transports me with each visit to the warm and inviting realms of authentic Peruvian cuisine and Spanish tapas. Mi Peru – Peruvian Food in Darmstadt is a place where every meal becomes a romantic journey through the flavors of South America. Here, my longing for Peru and Spain is equally satisfied. Experience the enchanting cuisine of Peru at Mi Peru, where every bite tells a story and every ingredient represents a journey through the vibrant culture of South America!

Haggis Scotch Eggs and with Barefoot Wine to London

Haggis Scotch Eggs and with Barefoot Wine to London

*In cooperation with Barefoot Wine* Today I take you with my recipe Haggis Scotch Eggs and with Barefoot Wine to London. Haggis Scotch Eggs was the starter at 67 Pall Mall, and I liked it so much that I had to prepare it myself. The recipe for the Piccalilli, an Indian pickle, is also coming soon. Haggis Scotch Eggs are soft-boiled eggs surrounded by a layer of haggis and a crispy coating of panko and breadcrumbs. When you cut them, the egg yolk runs all over the plate, so mouth-watering. Haggis is the national dish of Scotland and consists of various offal of sheep, which are chopped finely and formed into a sausage. You can buy it ready-made, and the flavor is similar to a liver paste, and you can buy it ready-made. It goes well with the Barefoot Wine Chardonnay, which is delightfully fruity. A perfect combination!

Kabab Koobideh – Grilled Minced Meat Kabab کباک کوبیده

Kabab Koobideh – Grilled Minced Meat Kabab کباک کوبیده

Kabab Koobideh – Grilled Minced Meat Kabab کباک کوبیده is the ultimate favorite dish of all Persians and our National dish. It is no wonder why it is on the menu of every Persian restaurant, both in Iran and all over the world. Kabab translates to grilled, and Koobideh originates from the Persian word koobidan, which means to beat. Nowadays, the meat is passed through a meat grinder and used as minced meat for Kabab Koobideh. Traditionally, the meat was placed on a flat stone and smashed with a wooden mallet. According to the legend, ancient Persian soldiers used to grill the meat on their swords before going to battle. The challenge with Kabab Koobideh is that it does not fall off the wide, flat skewer (Seekh) while grilling over hot charcoals.

Gourmet trip to Brittany with Frische Paradies - Monkfish Cheeks in Saffron Sauce

Gourmet trip to Brittany with Frische Paradies – Monkfish Cheeks in Saffron Sauce

*Ad in cooperation with Frische Paradies*. In late September, I was on a gourmet trip to Brittany with Frische Paradies and Gourmet Connection. Allow me to take you today to the end of the world, for here earth ends and the endless sea begins. I will show you how diverse and fantastic Finstére in Bretagne is. Brittany in Breton “Breizh” is a perfect destination for nature lovers, foodies, connoisseurs and gourmets. The Bretons are people of coastal fishermen, and fishing nearby the coast is highly rated among them. Here you can find diverse landscapes, the best and most delicious seafood specialties. Fish and seafood from Bretagne are not to beat in taste, due to the strong streams they are constantly in motion, and this makes their meat much more aromatic. Shellfish such as oysters, scallops, mussels, lobster, and ocean-fresh fish taste incredibly fresh and are of the highest quality. Treat yourself to a glass of sparkling cider, join me on our gourmet journey, and learn how the fish from the sea ends up on our …

Wellness, Wein und Genussreise Bad Krozingen

Wellness, Wine and Gourmet Trip Bad Krozingen

*Press trip with Gourmet Connection and Bad Krozingen*. Germany has a total of 13 wine-growing regions. Each has its own special flair, its own winemaking traditions, its own scenic landscape, special grape types and idyllic guesthouses where you can visit and have a great original meal. The largest German wine-growing region is Rheinhessen, then the Pfalz and the third largest and the most southern wine-growing region is Baden. A unique wine growing region in Baden is the Markgräflerland. Let me take you on a Wellness, Wine and Gourmet trip Bad Krozingen in the Markgräflerland. Bad Krozingen is located in the three-country corner of Germany, France and Switzerland in the southern Black Forest only 15 km from Freiburg.

Road Trip along the German apple wine route "Route du Äppler"

Road Trip along the German apple wine route “Route du Äppler”

*Culinary Press Trip “Route du Äppler” in cooperation with Gourmet Connection and Hessentourismus* Let me take you on my Culinary Press Trip “Road Trip along German apple wine route “Route du Äppler” as plenty has happened in the Hessian apple wine scene. I would like to give you an idea of a fruity and fresh taste experience by sharing some facts about the “Äppler”, the German apple wine. The apple wine route passes over 250 km through the state of Hessen, starting in the south at the “Kelterei Krämer” and ending in the north at the “Brennerei Döhne” where about 12 local producers produce the delicious apple wine also called Stöffche. Join me on the part of the “Route du Äppler” around the region of Odenwald and Taunus outside of Frankfurt. The journey leads along beautiful meadow orchards and picturesque Hessian timber-framed houses. From Frankfurt to the Odenwald to Beerfurth, Reichelsheim, Michelstadt and ends in Oberursel in Taunus. The weather is on our side, too, and we are enjoying truly summer-like temperatures this spring. “The …