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Breshtok-e Shokolati - Chocolate Halva بروشتک

Breshtok-e Shokolati – Chocolate Halva بروشتک

Happy Nowruz! Nowruzetoon Pirooz! Sending you lots of love and warm wishes for a beautiful Persian New Year. My Nowruz bakery is going ahead, and for our Persian New Year celebration, I made this no-bake gluten-free treat using a mixture of chocolate and halva. Have you ever heard of Breshtok-e Shokolati – Chocolate Halva بروشتک? If not, it’s about time, as this treat is a must-have for Nowruz, especially for all Esfehanis! My father was born near Isfahan, and my grandma loved to prepare this treat for Nowrooz. In Isfahan, Breshtok is made with chickpea flour and egg whites, topped with pistachios, and then cut into diamonds or rectangles. Nowadays, it comes in different shapes and flavors and is very easy to prepare at home, like my Breshtok-e Shokolati – Chocolate Halva بروشتک. Yes, you heard right – you can make this treat yourself and give your friends and family an extra surprise. Have fun and enjoy! Watch my preparation video on Instagram