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Musicians write songs, artists draw paintings against the injustices in Iran and I would like to be the voice of those who urgently need to be heard with my blog event #Kochenfueriran today. Namely, the voice of my fellow countrymen who have been fighting for democracy, human rights, justice and a free Iran on the streets of Iran for months. Today I invite you to cook or bake a Persian recipe to show our solidarity with the brave women and men of Iran. It can be an appetizer, main dish, dessert or drink, it is entirely up to you. The dish should be typical Iranian or a dish developed by you, but with an Iranian touch. For more visibility, against violence and oppression in Iran and for freedom. Zan Zendeghi Azadi. Find more details on my Blog. Zan Zendeghi Azad

Artist Bersabeh Farahani


In mid-September, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, a Persian Kurdish woman on vacation with her family in Tehran, is stopped by the morality police and taken away. Her offense is: she did not wear her headscarf (hidjab) correctly. Mahsa is taken into custody by the morality police and beaten up so badly that she falls into a coma and dies 3 days later of her injuries. Many women take to the streets of Iran to protest and demand the abolition of the headscarf and more equal rights for women. They burn their headscarves, cut off their hair, ride on bicycles or motorcycles and walk with their dogs on the streets of Iran. All things that are forbidden in Iran.


The Revolutionary Guards are known and feared in Iran for their brutality and have countered women’s uprisings with violence. Men stand side by side with women and also take to the streets. After many women and men were brutally injured, killed, or arrested, the initial protests develop into a revolution. People don’t want the terror regime anymore and therefore fight daily on the streets of Iran. For their freedom and human rights, against two-faced morality, corruption, and the brutal actions of the regime. To date, 434 people, including 60 minors and even young children, have been beaten to death or shot by the police. Over 17400 people have been imprisoned and are being tortured, raped, and abused in prisons. The Iranian government has also pronounced the death penalty for political prisoners, and the first are already awaiting execution.


The Internet in Iran is shut down to prevent any pictures of the demonstrations to find their way abroad. Demonstrations are taking place daily in the streets, schools and universities in 31 provinces and 155 cities in Iran. However, videos of the demonstrations continue to arrive abroad and are shared on social media. People are gathering around the world to support Iranians and be their voice. Be Our Voice, as the demonstrations abroad are visited by the exiled Iranians. Join the demonstrations taking place around Germany, Switzerland and Austria and show your solidarity.

Besides the demonstrations there are also other ways to be active, e.g. art as a political statement. Currently there is the exhibition “Woman Life Freedom” in the Kunstraum-Backstube until 10.12.22 in Darmstadt-Eberstadt. Find out if there are similar events in your city. With my blog event #KochenfuerIran you also set a statement for freedom, human rights and equality for iranian people.


Anyone can participate in this event with or without a blog.

Choose a Persian recipe and cook or bake the dish. It can be an appetizer, main dish, dessert or drink, it’s up to you. The meal should be typical Iranian or a dish developed by yourself, though with an Iranian touch. You can also cook together with friends, family, work colleagues, etc.

Take a photo of it and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Post the photo either on Instagram, Facebook, feel free to post on other social media channels like Twitter, Tik Tok, Flipboard, Pinterest etc.

If you are a blogger, post a recipe on your blog and sign up for this file. I collect all the recipes and post them on my blog on January 12. Feel free to copy any posts and integrate them on your site.

Talk about our cuisine, culture or country with a few sentences, also about what is currently happening in Iran. So as many people as possible will pay attention.

Use the hashtags #kochenfueriran #persiancooking #womanfree #beourvoice #weseeyouiran

Please post by January 08 at 0:00!

Share this post to reach as many people as possible and motivate them to participate.

To make sure no post slips by me, link me @labsalliebe (Facebook or Instagram) or send me an email at



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