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My Personal Morning Ritual an act of selfcare

I Love to begin the day gently.

Have you ever enjoyed a breathtaking sunrise?

This is the way the day should be started,

so I bought an alarm clock that wakes me up gently with light.

30 minutes before the wake-up time set, it gradually gets brighter,

simulating the dawn.

To do my morning rituals stressfree

I wake up 1 hour earlier cause I need extra time as my usual routine.

Honestly, sometimes I really don`t want to leave my cosy bed,

but the rituals got so important to me, that I don`t want to miss them again.

I do some streches to wake up my muscles in my bed,

while taking 10 slow and deep breaths, in order to free the blood stream of any

build-up of carbon and getting in pure oxygen.

It is important that you breathe steadily in

through your nose and

out through the mouth.


Now I start with my Eye exercise.

This excercise was shown to me by a lovely Yoga instructor in cyprus.

I imagine a clock in front of my eyes.

During the exercise you will have to keep your head absolutely still.

With every breath I rotate fifteen minutes further on the clock.

I start at 12 o´clock.

Moving my open eyes upwards.

Then I move my eyes slowly sidewards to 3 o`clock,

then downwards to 6,

and then again sidewards to 9 o`clock

I repeat the same process 8 times.

Finally I look straight ahead and then close my eyes.

I start rubbing the palms of my hands, until they become warm and

place the palms over my closed eye lids.

Now I take a deep breath and inhale the warmth from my hands.

Enjoy this peaceful moment.

Why yoga for the eyes?

The eye muscles will be streched and strengthen.

This improves your eyesight.

They are easy to do and can be done anywhere and anytime. 

In the Bathroom I scrape my tongue with a tongue scraper.

I bought mine at the ayurveda Parkschloesschen Traben Trarbach.


Why do I do this?

While we sleep our body is detoxifying and

the toxins are deposited on the tongue.

This film on your tongue can be an inidcator of health problems.

The first ayurvedic doctors want to see is your tongue.

He will know which health problems you have just due to the film on your tongue.

Is it clear, yellow, brown, thick or white?

So this is the first thing I want to get

rid of in the morning, the toxins on the surface of my tongue.

You will find out that the breakfast will taste a lot better

without the film that`s on the tongue, if you don`t scrape.

To clean the scraper just rinse it off with hot water.


Now it`s time for oil pulling (at least 2-3x in the week)

I pick a tablespoon organic coconut oil

( you can use any other organic vegetable oil).

I let the oil melt for a while in my mouth before

starting to pull the oil gently for about 10-15 minutes.

Be sure not to swallow the oil,

as it is full of toxins and bacterias.

When I am through the 10-15 minutes

I spit the oil out into a paper towel and through it in the trash.

Now I swish my mouth with lukewarm salt water and

brush my teeth as usual.


Why do I use Coconut oil?

Because it has strong antibacterial properties.

You become whiter teeth and it prevents cavity and gingivitis.

It also clears your mind.

Try oil pulling when you`ve got a hangover and

be amazed how fast it clears your head.

You`ll have a better breath.

Skin problems as acne, psoriasis and eczema will improve.


A funny pic is fixed to my bathroom mirror.

This will make me laugh every morning watching in the mirror and

makes a happy mood.

Now I smile lovingly at myself for 30 seconds.

Imaginating myself Happy.

Why do I do this?

Smiling causes calmness and clarity in our brain.

We suggest our subconsciousness a positiv feeling of happiness.


It´s time for dry brushing massage.

I use a raw silk glove.

Please don´t use oil.

I start at the feet and work my way up

the legs and arms with long sweeping strokes.

Brush always towards the heart.

I use circular strokes on stomake and the joints.

Massage the entire body.

It just takes 5 Minutes of your time.

Ölziehen und Zungenreinigung

When I´m finished, I apply coconut oil to my skin and hop in the shower.

Why a dry brushing massage?

peeling effect

stimulates blood flow

metabolism is activated


cleans the skin


promotes drainage

cellulite help



Detox Getränk Hauptbild

I drink a glass of my Detox drink before having my breakfast.

When you wake up in the morning you´ve gone without water for at least 7 hours.

here link to Detox Drink

warmer ayurvedischer Brei

For breakfast I prepare this warm ayurvedic cereals.

here you find the recipe




Do you have a personal morning ritual?

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