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The colours of autumn

Today the golden autumn shows itself from its most beautiful side.

This is how I wish a golden october sunny and 15°/59 Fahrenheit.

Golden, everything is in a golden light.

Each sunbeam lights up and warms my soul.


The old German farmers weather forecasts say:

If a tree doesn`t let go its leaves in october, often  will snow in winter.

Yuhuuu, it would be desirable.

Eltville am Rhein

Enough talk!!!

I put on my beloved cape and now we go to

the Rhine, better to the Rheingau.

The small town Eltville on the Rhine is one of our favourite destinations

during all seasons of the year.

Die Farben des Herbstes Weinberg

We have a lot of fun, spending our time, walking along beautiful wineyards

and enjoying nature views and the late autumn sun.



In order to keep our youngest from getting bored,

we collect the fallen leaves and other nature goods,as nuts, fruits, blooms

we need for our circle of autumn .

Who would have thought how colorful the autumn can be.

At the Rhine „beach“ we added stones, driftwoods and seashells to our

circle of autumn.

Die Farben des Herbstes 1

I love all seasons, each has its own beauty.

With the change of seasons I have a chance

to do changes in my body, mind and soul.

Do you know the seasons of your Mind?

There are times, when I remember the past,

all of my memories are really present.

I consider where I come from.


Naturkreis 1


Then there are times, where I am steady in the future.

I am planing my to do list for tomorrow.

I think about where will I go?

SteinherzThe last season of my mind is the here and now, then

I walk just as  today, through the nature and

enjoy the sun, the wind, the moments.

I think about where am I now?


Each season has it`s own magic, colours and sences.

The autumn has this earthy smell and the rustle of leaves beneath my feet.

The autumn colors are yellow, red, brown and golden.

These colors delight my eyes and revive positive feelings in my soul.

Herbstimpression Eltville

The golden sun ist setting down slowly and bathes everything in a golden light.



In the evening …. this big wonderfull FULLMOON.




Where are your favourite destinations in the autumn time?


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