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Haft Sin Impressions 2024 هفت سین ۱۴۰۳

Haft Sin Impressions 2024 هفت سین ۱۴۰۳

Eydet Mobarak! Sale No Mobarak! Happy Nowrooz 😍 Welcome to the new Persian year 1403. May the new year be full of health, joy, love, and success for you. Like every year, I show you my Haft Sin impressions 2024 هفت سین ۱۴۰۳.

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Every year, I set up my Haft Sin according to the trend color of the year. This year’s trend color is “Fuzzy Peach,” a warm and gentle shade selected by Pantone for this year. This color carries specific meanings and encompasses various aspects. The hue of Fuzzy Peach exudes a gentle warmth that conveys a sense of coziness and comfort.

It’s an inviting color that creates a cozy atmosphere. The delicate nuance of Fuzzy Peach is often associated with kindness and empathy. It evokes the gentle light of dawn and ignites positive emotions. This color can also stimulate creativity and inspiration. Its soft tone is calming yet refreshing, helping to open the mind and foster new ideas.


Due to its resemblance to the delicate hues of spring blossoms, Fuzzy Peach is a symbol of renewal and freshness. It symbolizes the beginning of new opportunities and the rejuvenation of nature. The warm peachy shade can also evoke a romantic mood and express tenderness, representing loving relationships and emotional connection.
Overall, the trend color Fuzzy Peach represents a blend of warmth, tenderness, and creativity.

It encourages creating a positive and inviting atmosphere and being open to new possibilities. By incorporating the color of the year, Fuzzy Peach, into your Haft Sin, you will not only brighten up your spaces but also create a modern and trendy ambiance. It’s a great way to freshen up your Haft Sin while keeping up with current trends.


The Haft Sin is the centerpiece of Nowruz celebrations. It consists of seven symbols. When setting up your Haft Sin for the year 1403, you want to ensure it provides you with strength and energy for the upcoming year, correct? Here’s a guide on how to do it properly:

1. Start at the top with a mirror. It symbolizes clarity and reflection on the past year.
2. Place the Sumach in the top left. This red spice represents joy and the awakening of nature.
3. Below the Sumach, place the garlic (Sir). It offers protection against negative energies and symbolizes health.
4. Place vinegar (Serkeh) further down. It symbolizes the age and tradition that have shaped you.
5. Place the apple (Sib) under the vinegar. The apple symbolizes beauty and growth for the new year.
6. Moving from right to top, place Senjed (dried fruit of the Senjed tree). It symbolizes wisdom and love.
7. Above Senjed, place Samanu (sweet wheat paste), which represents patience and the beginning of a new cycle.
8. Place a few coins (Sekeh) above Senjed for prosperity and financial stability.
9. Place your Sabzeh (germinating wheat or barley sprouts) for growth and renewal above them.
10. Place the candles in front of the mirror to symbolize light and warmth. In front of the candles, you can place either the Shahnameh, Diwan, or Quran, depending on your spiritual preference.

By setting up your Haft Sin according to these instructions for 1403, you enhance your energies and desires for the coming year. It’s a great way to focus on your goals and prepare for a successful year.

SALE EJDEHA CHOBI سال اژدها چوبی

Are you ready for a year full of luck, kindness, and financial success? Well, be happy, as the year of the Wood Dragon is upon us! In Persian mythology, the dragon is a symbol of energy and strength, while the wood element represents renewal and growth. Together, they form a powerful combination that promises prosperity and financial opportunities. The Wood Dragon is one of the most popular zodiac signs, representing intelligence, wealth, and resilience. The universe lays financial opportunities at your feet. This year is ideal for business activities and financial investments. So, be ready to break new ground and realize your dreams.

After the years of the Rabbit, Ox, and Mouse, it feels like we’re finally breaking out of the stable. The Wood Dragon promises a time of stability and progress. Let’s seize this opportunity together and make the most of this year!
Prepare yourself to unleash your full potential and achieve your goals. The Year of the Wood Dragon brings us financial success and abundance, so let’s seize this opportunity and pave our way to success.


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