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Mi Peru – Peruvian Food in Darmstadt

Mi Peru - Peruvian Food in Darmstadt

The mere mention of Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, and delightful tapas like Patatas Bravas, Aioli, and Albóndigas makes my mouth water. Especially on these grey, overcast days in Darmstadt, I often yearn for the cozy atmosphere of Spanish bodegas and tapas bars. While I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Peru yet, but the Peruvian cuisine has already found a special place in my heart.

I am delighted to have discovered my favorite restaurant, Mi Peru, which transports me with each visit to the warm and inviting realms of authentic Peruvian cuisine and Spanish tapas. Mi Peru – Peruvian Food in Darmstadt is a place where every meal becomes a romantic journey through the flavors of South America. Here, my longing for Peru and Spain is equally satisfied. Experience the enchanting cuisine of Peru at Mi Peru, where every bite tells a story and every ingredient represents a journey through the vibrant culture of South America!


Maribel and David Bueno are more than just mother and son – they are the creative power behind “Mi Peru,” an authentic Peruvian restaurant and bar located at Heidelberger Straße 40 in Darmstadt. Maribel, a passionate Peruvian, has called Darmstadt home for 30 years and brings the flavors of her culture with her. David, born in Darmstadt, is a wanderer between worlds, with a blend of Peruvian passion from his mother and Spanish romance from his father, deeply rooted in his heart.

This unique fusion is reflected not only in the variety of tapas but also in the soul of their restaurant, inspired by the vibrant history of their family and their love for their homeland. The friendly Bueno family runs Mi Peru and combines the culinary tradition of their homeland with a touch of modernity. Here, the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine shine as brightly as the classic tapas from Spain. It is the perfect place to explore the world of flavors.


In Bessungen, a particularly charming district south of Darmstadt, this Peruvian restaurant shines like a culinary jewel, and adds to our city an international, warm, and inviting touch. It’s the ideal place to escape the gray everyday life and dream yourself into the vibrant worlds of Peru and Spain. A restaurant where Peruvians and Spaniards feel at home and the locals feel like they’re on vacation. Mi Peru is more than just a restaurant – it’s an authentic refuge for socializing and enjoying.

As you open the door, you feel welcomed by the inviting aromas of South American spices and freshly prepared specialties. Traditional Peruvian or Spanish music plays in the background, taking guests on a journey through the vibrant culture of Spain and Peru. It has an atmosphere that reminds you of the restaurants in the streets of Lima or hidden corners of Barcelona. The restaurant is not just a place to enjoy excellent food but also a meeting point for people who appreciate the social life of bodegas. Here, you meet friends, exchange stories, and experience the warmth of hospitality.


The interior is furnished in a country-specific style, also similar to a modern Spanish tapas bar. A large room is divided into two different areas, creating distinct atmospheres and serving multifunctional purposes. A separate section is ideal for events or private celebrations. The division of the room into different areas creates a multifunctional space that adapts to the needs of the guests and the various activities in the restaurant, such as special events with live music.

Posters and photographs representing Spanish and Peruvian culture and landscapes adorn the walls. Chalkboards on the walls display a selection of the various beverages and dishes offered. Lots of wood and white brick walls create a warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere. Wooden beams on the ceiling, dark tables, and wooden chairs give off a rustic and traditional vibe. Bar stools at the bar allow guests to socialize and enjoy delicious cocktails in good company. Warm, subdued lighting contributes to the cozy atmosphere. Hanging lamps made from recycled wine bottles with the inscription “Habla la Tierra” provide soft lighting, while candles and flowers on the tables add to the coziness.


The bar, made of rustic bricks and a solid wooden counter, creates a charm that magically attracts guests. David specializes in the art of mixology, and here you can enjoy cocktails prepared with love. At the bar bathed in soft light, the senses are delighted by the inviting aroma of fresh citrus fruits and exotic flavors. Have a seat on one of the bar stools and enjoy the wide range of delicious cocktails and unique wines. However, it’s the legendary pisco sour that takes the hearts by storm and makes the taste buds go wild, as you get here the best pisco sour in town.

David and his bartender, true masters of their craft, are skilled at shaking the bottles and mixing the ingredients for the ideal pisco sour with an effortless elegance. Pisco Sour is mixed from pisco, a grape brandy produced in Peru, lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white. The smell of freshly squeezed limes and fine pisco fills the air, while the tinkling of the shaker spreads a hint of thrill and excitement. Finally, the perfectly prepared pisco sour is served to the guests, topped off with an airy head of foam. Taking the first sip unveils the flawless harmony of sweet and sour, creamy yet refreshing, creating a firework of the senses. It’s a fantastic recipe with an ideal balance of sweet, sour, and bitter notes.


The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, where Maribel uses her many years of experience to create traditional dishes. Her son David takes care of the guests and the business side, creating innovative marketing strategies and providing a warm and inviting atmosphere in the restaurant. The Buenos presents a cuisine that not only delights with its exquisite flavors but also with its authenticity and respect for nature. Most ingredients come directly from nearby farms and butcheries, where they are grown and raised with love and care.

In the sacred halls of the kitchen, I even caught a glimpse of the artful preparation of the Causa de Rellena. It’s a heavenly creation of mashed potatoes filled with a range of delicious fillings that enchant every palate. The original recipe from the heart of Peru was graciously provided to me by David, and I then recreated it at home in a vegan version. You can find the original recipe for Vegan Causa Rellena from Mi Peru here. A big thank you to David for sharing this wonderful recipe with me.


Maribel prepares the national dish ceviche with ease, winning hearts with its spicy freshness and delicious finesse. In a dance of colors and flavors, raw fish or seafood marinates in Leche de Tigre, accompanied by tender corn kernels and creamy sweet potatoes. Leche de Tigre is a marinade made from lime juice, onions, fiery chili, and the enchanting hint of coriander. Also try the traditional Lomo Saltado recipe, a savory wok-fried dish made from tender beef strips, with crunchy vegetables, onions, tomatoes and garlic, which simmers in a delicate soy sauce. Served with perfectly seasoned chips and fragrant rice.

Spend an unforgettable evening with your friends and dive into the diversity of the tapas world! From delicious vegetarian creations to hearty meat dishes and delicate seafood – the tapas selection offers something suitable for every taste. Imagine yourselves sitting together at a cozy table, surrounded by Spanish music and the enticing aroma of flavors. Crispy Patatas Bravas and aioli, followed by tender Champiñones al Ajillo, tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy the juicy Albóndigas and the aromatic Gambas a la Ajillo or a Paella while exchanging your experiences and stories!

This is only a foretaste of the richness of Peruvian cuisine. Come by and try Mi Peru’s delicious dishes for yourself! Visit the restaurant and discover a variety of dishes on the menu. Enjoy the exquisite dishes with Mi Peru’s catering service, perfect for private parties, corporate events, or other occasions! The Mi Peru team will be happy to consider your individual wishes.

Hasta luego, amigos!



Mi Peru
Heidelberger Strasse 40
64285 Darmstadt
Tel: 0163 2787148 

Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 18:00 to 23:00
Friday, Saturday 18:00 to 00:00
Sundays also from 12:00 to 15:00
closed on Tuesdays

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