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Norooz Haft Sin Freebie

Norooz Haft Sin Freebie

Norooz is coming, and we are all and about preparing for our Persian New Year celebration. To keep the children occupied and bring some Norooz spirits, I created a free Norooz Haft Sin Freebie for you and your kids to set up. Crafting with children is a lovely pastime. Enjoy!


My DIY Haft Sin brings the Norooz atmosphere into your home. Print the designs and set them up in no time. All you need is a printer and, of course, paper. The thicker and heavier your paper, the more stable the stand-up display will be. Just print out the designs and fold them together with your kids. They can place their personal Haft Sin in their room. Or they can cut out the designs, stick them on a cardboard box, and then hang them in their room with or without a frame.

I love hanging them on a big, beautiful spring branch. It’s my favorite way to decorate this Freebies! All you have to do is cut out the pictures, make a hole at the top with a hole puncher, thread a pretty ribbon through, tie it, and hang it on the branch. I can’t wait to see what other creative ideas you have! Please share your ideas with me via email, Instagram, or Facebook. And don’t forget to tag @labsalliebe so I can see your ideas for sure!


The entire Norooz Haft Sin Freebie set is available for personal use only. Please contact me via email for commercial use.

Click on the links and print the files one by one.

>> CLICK for AYNEH VA SHAMDOON Freebie <<<

> CLICK for SABZEH Freebie <<<

>> CLICK for MAHI Freebie <<<

> CLICK for TOKHME MORGH Freebie <<<

>> CLICK for SONBOL Freebie <<<

> CLICK for SERKEH Freebie <<<

>> CLICK for SEKEH Freebie <<<

> CLICK for SAMANOO Freebie <<<

>> CLICK for SEEB Freebie <<<

>>> CLICK for SEER Freebie <<<


I have a mini little challenge for those who like to look for mistakes all the time and everywhere. All the pictures are the same on the front and back, but I have added a small mistake. The little ones and the big ones are supposed to find it. The challenge is to compare two images and spot the difference between them. Have you spotted the difference? I agree it’s easy to spot. Get searching!


If you don’t know what a Haft sin is, I’ve already explained everything about Haft sin, Chaharshanbeh suri, Norooz, and Sizdah Be Dar in the posts. If you are looking for more recipes for Norooz, find my sweet and savory recipes here. Now, you have plenty of time to try out new recipes. Are you looking for inspiration for a perfect Haft sin? Find my Haft Sin links from the last few years below.

Pisha Pish Norooz Mobarak


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