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Homemade Vanilla Sugar

Tastes much better,

than the regular brand bought at the grocery.

These are anyway full of artificial flavours.

The artificial flavours are chemically produced,

made of the waste from the paper industry and

can cause serious harm to your health.

The true vanilla, the fruit or rather, a fermented pod

is a member of the orchid family.

I make this recipe from an organic vanilla bean

and it is really easy to make.



1 organic vanilla bean

100 g sugar (brown sugar, raw cane sugar)

Vanillezucker Labsal


Slice the organic vanilla in half lengthwise to reveal the seeds.

Use the back of your knife to scrape them out.

Mix the seeds and the pod into the sugar and

seal in an airtight container.

Let it sit for about 2 weeks

before using the vanilla sugar for your recipes.

The longer it sits the better it will taste.

Keep the bean in the sugar as you use it and

refill with new sugar and new beans.

Recipes with Homemade vanilla sugar

Engelsaugen mit Orangenmarmelade

Health Benefits of Vanilla bean

Secretion of serotonin – hormones of happiness

Strengthening of the overall organism

Stimulating effect

Aphrodisiac effect





For depression, anxiety

Sleep disorder




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